October 5, 2021

FREE Transmission Evaluation

From manual to automatic transmission repair, Dr. J’s Auto Clinic in Albuquerque, NM 87107 knows how to fix the problem. Our knowledgeable auto experts will diagnose the situation […]
September 16, 2017

The Dr. J’s Auto Clinic – Guide To Vehicle Diagnosis

Modern Albuquerque vehicles have several computers on board that control all kinds of things like engine functions, transmission shifts, traction control, anti-lock brakes, stability control, emissions […]
November 1, 2016

Winterization Check Up

  * Oil Change and Filter Check-up / Top Off Fluids • Battery Check • Wipers / Washer Fluid • Belts & Hoses Check • Coolant […]
June 5, 2015

Roadtrip! Check

If you are hitting the road this Summer, a trip check and oil change is essential.
February 10, 2015

FREE Transmission Check Up

Are you having a problem with your transmission? Is it slipping, shuddering or just doesn’t feel right? Bring your vehicle to Dr. J’s Transmission Clinic. We’ll […]
July 23, 2014

Summer Special – July

Expires – August 10th, 2014
April 29, 2014

Albuquerque Road Trip Preparation

People from Albuquerque NM love their cars. And nothing goes with cars better than a NM road trip. Freedom from daily schedules, new sights and the […]
January 2, 2014

Why People In Albuquerque Hesitate to Get their Vehicle Serviced

A recent report stated that over 80 percent of the vehicles on our Albuquerque NM roads have one or more service or repair that’s needed, but […]