Brakes by NAPA AutoCare, Ninja tough warranty


At a NAPA AutoCare Center, you can keep up with your routine maintenance. Brakes include two key components that may need replacing as part of a brake job.

  1. The Pads – Keeping up with your brake pads is vital to keep real damage from occurring in function.
  2. The Rotors – Rotors are capable of being machined a few times. But, if you need rotors and pads, budget for a more costly repair.

Remember your brakes are your first and possibly your most important safety device on your car or truck. Take their maintenance seriously and you may keep yourself out of the auto body shop. NAPA AutoCare Center repairs and service are covered with the NAPA AutoCare 24 month / 24,000 mile warranty. That means all across the country when you are traveling, your repairs are covered by the nearest NAPA AutoCare center.