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Colton Noyes
Colton Noyes
05:11 01 Mar 19
I was passing through Albuquerque from Oklahoma and decided to stop and get my fluids and tires checked. I went in to see if they did that and a guy said not really, but was more than happy to help me. He added any fluids I was low on and checked my tire pressure. He was down to earth and would not accept any money. It is people like that gentleman that make this world a better place. Very trustworthy shop, would be the only mechanic I would go to if I ever passed through again and was in need.
Ali Ezzeddine
Ali Ezzeddine
06:39 16 Jan 19
Jay is a cool dude who will not cheat you and will tell you what's wrong with your car straight up.
Little Flower Child
Little Flower Child
17:19 14 Nov 18
I was a walk in. All the people there were very helpful. They know what their talking about. One of the workers there is named Robert and he's very helpful with anything you need. I recommend it
greg cuoco
greg cuoco
15:00 12 Sep 18
Dr. J's Auto clinic are the good guys. They communicate well, get the job done right and stand behind their work. I've been taking my old Triumph Spitfire to them for several years. They know how to get creative when piecing the 'ol car together. "Keep up the good work!"
Pauline Waterfield
Pauline Waterfield
17:14 19 Mar 14
LOVE THIS PLACE!!! Im really enjoy taking my vehicle to dr js auto, they are friendly,honest and fast.. Thanks again for you honesty and great service 🙂 🙂
Missy Bowler-Gleason
Missy Bowler-Gleason
16:11 14 Mar 14


5 stars SCOTT K

Thanks for your prompt response to a crisis with our car. You all diagnosed our problem and made the repair quickly and correctly.

You guys are great!

Steve is an excellent addition to the “Clinic.”

Thanks again for a fine job.

5 stars Anonymous

Dr. J is excellent. Outstanding service and never any pressure for extra, unnecessary services. Totally trustworthy. I wouldn’t take my car anywhere else.

5 stars GRAYLON H

Excellent courteous professional service

5 stars Anonymous

:>) (<:

5 stars HEIDI H

Great job as always – Jay is the best.

5 stars JIM C

Very few people can trust the mechanic I trust this one

5 stars ANNE C

The best!!!!!! Wouldn’t go anywhere else.

5 stars Anonymous

Good job.

5 stars HEIDI H

Great Job as always!


Great service as always.

5 stars DOUG C

Jay does great work, I’m very satisfied. The other great attribute of Dr J’s is he doesn’t try to sell you more than you need. He looks for ways to save you money. What a refreshing idea in auto repair.

5 stars RONALD G

The front brakes on my pickup needed replacement. Dr J performed the necessary work on a Saturday, which is normally his day off. I am pleased with the work and the price.

5 stars FRANK H

Very quickly done. Great service! !

5 stars HEIDI H

Jay always does great work!

5 stars SUE J

Great service and great job!


Highly pleased with the honesty in which business was conducted. Jay is easy to deal with and got the job done and the vehicle was ready when promised.

5 stars ALLEN M

GREAT service

5 stars JAMES W

Jay always does excellent work. He will not fix anything without approval and always lets you know what he finds. His prices are very reasonable. I have used Jay for many years and have never been disappointed. I always recommend him to anyone looking for a mechanic.

5 stars PETE N

Thanks Jay! The montero is running better than it has in a long time!! We will be back for any future needs!

5 stars PAUL B

Always fast prompt and excellent service.

5 stars NOREAN S

I went in for an oil change for my Sable and Jay found some other problems and took care of them at that time. Jay went out of his way to make my car safe and did so quickly while I waited. THANKS!! Norean.

5 stars HEIDI H

Jay does excellent work and I trust his judgement.

5 stars Anonymous

Always polite and courteous and informative. The work is done in an orderly fashion and as quickly as possible. Almost always is able to meet my schedule.

5 stars Anonymous

as always Dr J does a great job of finding the problem and providing an accurate diagnosis and an accurate cost. He does not waste any time getting your vehicle fixed and back to.

very pleased.

5 stars HEIDI H

Jay always does excellent work!

5 stars Anonymous

thanks for finding potential problems

5 stars ANNE C

I have been going to Jay for years and I would not take my cars to anyone else. He is a master mechanic and can work on anything.

5 stars ANITA L

another business wanted to charge over $600.00 for a part they did not know if it would solve the problem. Took to J’s and one battery later, all totally well. Jay always tell the truth

4 stars GORDON F

thanks again for your quick service

5 stars JAMES W

Jay and his crew are friendly and efficient. They do quality work and never try to sell you extra work, just what you want or need. High integrety and honesty. Always a pleasure to do business with them!

4 stars HEIDI H

Jay is a great mechanic and always does an excellent job. I highly recommend his services.

5 stars Linda B

Jay, you are the very best at what you do to help maintain and also prevent future problems with any and all vehicles you service. Your passion for your work is always visible.

4 stars PETE N

Jay is one of the best at auto repair. He is also very friendly and extremely honest! I will be returning with all my auto repair needs! Thanks Jay!

4 stars LAURA C. M

Dr. J is a great mechanic and he always explains things clearly and gives a detailed printout with the specifics about parts and labor so you know what you’re paying for. I have been a repeat customer at Dr. J’s for years and I recommend him to people who are looking for somebody who really knows how to fix cars and trucks.

5 stars Anonymous

For eight years, I’ve been following Dr. J around Albuquerque as he has moved to new locations. His new spot on San Mateo is the best yet – just south of Montgomery. As has always been the case, you can trust Jay Waterfield (and Daniel) with excellent service, and plenty of car knowledge and expertise. Understandable, patient explanations of car care. Sensitivity to costs – always providing an estimate upfront. Best auto technicians in Albuquerque.

5 stars Anonymous

Dr J and Daniel provided my car with excellent service. They were also extremely kind to me after my car stopped running due to a blown ignition fuse. I am a single woman, they were extemely honest and the total bill was $90.00..instead of the multiples of hundreds it could have been if I had taken my car to the “wrong” place.

3 stars LAURA C. M

I haven’t forgotten that I need to fix the brakes on the truck. Right now I am sitting here at five a.m. trying to get my turbo-tax to install LOL. I need to back up some stuff before I get too cute downloading things from MS. I will get back to you after I get my financial empire straightened out…definitely I need the truck this time of year. The new shop looks great.

5 stars MICHEAL S

Dr J. did a phenomenal job on my head gasket. The car runs like new and many other nagging problems such as a slow leak in radiator fluid which several years and as many mechanics later still nagged — he figured out and resolved. Also, my brakes were checked during a routine oil change, and I had already mentioned needing them checked. I was given the all-good for another 15000 miles instead of being sold new ones which I would easily have agreed to. Honest and damn competent.

4 stars RONALD G

You need to update your website to reflect the fact that you are no longer located on Los Arboles.


4 stars BOB C

j always does good work

5 stars PAUL B

As always, a very thoughtful and thorough examination and solution to the problem.

5 stars FRANK H

Great, fast job, love your new location. I’m telling all my friends about Dr. J’s Auto Clinic and Gun shop. Wow, what a combination!!

5 stars HEIDI H

Great services as always. Thanks!

5 stars CAROL W. B

fast and fair service

I am always happy.

5 stars LARRY R

I have been using Dr J’s for several years and will continue using this service. They take the extra step to make sure your car is safe and working properly.